Brittney & Joeanthony are Married! {Ninety Acres Wedding}

August 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

A Classic, Intimate Summer Wedding

It's not very often that I get to photograph intimate weddings, but they are some of my favorites!  From the moment I walked through the door at Brittney's childhood home, I felt welcome and so comfortable with her sisters, who made up her bridal party, along with her baby niece.  How cute is 8 month old Tatum in her bridesmaid robe? 

I found a fabulous chair in the living room, which complimented Brittney's red roses and accents so well, and also happens to be a family heirloom.  Brittney had not one pair, but TWO pairs of Badgley Mischka shoes.  She couldn't decide which to wear, so at the last minute, it was flats for the win!

Before tying the knot at Immaculate Conception, Brittney and Joeanthony decided to meet beforehand for a 1st look to break the ice.  We saw some of the biggest smiles from Joeanthony after being with his beautiful bride and continued to take pictures under the church's beautiful arches.

After the ceremony, the entire group got together for a picture in front of the church, and then the bride and groom took a quick detour to downtown Clinton for some pictures in front of the Clinton Mill.  Having a bride in a beautiful gown walking through the crowded streets of downtown looks something like Moses parting the Red Sea.  And without asking a single person to move, we had the entire bridge to ourselves!

We ended our time with Brittney and Joeanthony at Ninety Acres in Peapack, where cocktail hour flowed from the Cooking School out onto the patio.  Seeing as Ninety Acres dinners are an experience unto themselves, we grabbed a quick picture of Brittney and Joeanthony in front of their cake and left them to enjoy their three course meal. 

Congratulations, Brittney and Joeanthony!  It was a pleasure to be part of your day!  A special thanks to Anne Molnar for her wonderful second shooting!


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Second photographer:  Anne Molnar

Bride's Gown:  Allure

Flowers:  Viburnum Designs

Church:  Immaculate Conception, Clinton, NJ

Limo:  M/V Limo 

Reception:  Ninety Acres Restaurant, Peapack, NJ


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