Samantha & Eric Tied the Knot! {Hamilton Farm Wedding, Gladstone NJ}

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An Elegant and Timeless Wedding at Hamilton Farm

We spent so much time with Samantha and Eric, that by the time their wedding day arrived on Friday, we knew half the family!  We had the pleasure of photographing Eric's sister, Gabrielle's wedding at Ninety Acres back in October, and she recommended me to Samantha.  Gabrielle and Nick's wedding was intimate and quaint, so there were quite a few familiar faces from Gabrielle and Eric's family!  Kelly and I met Samantha's sisters during our mini sessions in the Fall, when they gave us a much needed break from chasing children, and were photographing 6 well-behaved adults instead!

I have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time and it did not disappoint!  Samantha and Eric thought out every little detail with such creativity, from the bubble guns, which created a massive amount of bubbles, to the horse and carriage that transported them from the church, to the champagne flutes labeled with the guests seating cards.  I even got to take a ride in the carriage (bucket list item!)  I wasn't a total romance-killer, I waited until they took their 20 minute ride in solitude before breaking up the love-fest as we rode through the wooded part of Hamilton Farm's winding driveway.

Once we checked off the family formals list, it was time for the party to start!  Everyone was invited to the party.  I mean everyone.  My assistant, Kelly, was dancing, the waiters were dancing, it was hard not to!  Thank you Samantha and Eric, for making us feel like an important part of your wedding day!  

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2nd Photographer: Barbara Wentzel

3rd Photographer & Assistant: Kelly Joyce

Videographer: Digital Event Memories

Church: St. Brigid's Church

Reception: Hamilton Farm Golf Club

Carriage: KV Carriage

Florist: Twisted Willow Flowers

Dress: Matthew Christopher

Hair: Angela Mascio

Makeup:  Carla Fabrizi

DJ: Elite Sound Entertainment




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