The Best of LK Weddings 2017!

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This year seemed to fly by, but looking back at some of the happiest, most emotional moments, I have been transported back and totally overwhelmed with joy as I remember each and every wedding we were blessed to be part of this year.  2017 was a wonderful year to remember, and I wanted to share some of my favorite moments...

Like when Brady had to peer out her window to see her good friend playing the fiddle for her ceremony... LaurenKearns_0066LaurenKearns_0066 LaurenKearns_0063LaurenKearns_0063 ...or when Aaron read the inside of his wedding band: "Put it back on!" LaurenKearns_0079LaurenKearns_0079 And Brady ran instead of "recessed" back up the aisle to get to cocktail hour first! LaurenKearns_0080LaurenKearns_0080 Yes! That is an airline beverage cart, and they are authentic airline attendants! LaurenKearns_0064LaurenKearns_0064 LaurenKearns_0086LaurenKearns_0086 LaurenKearns_0083LaurenKearns_0083 LaurenKearns_0092LaurenKearns_0092 LaurenKearns_0059LaurenKearns_0059 LaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse19_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse19_LaurenKearns Maya sneaking up on Anthony... LaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse22_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse22_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse23_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse23_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse37_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse37_LaurenKearns Seeing the joy on Dad's face as he dances with his only daughter at her wedding. LaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse77_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_mountainlakeshouse77_LaurenKearns Eric's handwritten letter, sealed with a wax seal! Be still my heart! LaurenKearns_0114LaurenKearns_0114 Emotional moments like this.... LaurenKearns_0121LaurenKearns_0121 LaurenKearns_0115LaurenKearns_0115 Champagne flutes, not necessary. LaurenKearns_0124LaurenKearns_0124 LaurenKearns_0135LaurenKearns_0135 Seeing Samantha, the woman who would become his wife, for the first time... LaurenKearns_0137LaurenKearns_0137 My job has quite a few perks, but getting to ride in a horse and carriage wasn't one I was expecting!! LaurenKearns_0156LaurenKearns_0156 LaurenKearns_0157LaurenKearns_0157 Samantha had the most unique and creative details! LaurenKearns_0163LaurenKearns_0163 LaurenKearns_0175LaurenKearns_0175 Being at the very first event after Natirar's renovation! This room used to be bare wood paneling, but I loved the color so much! LaurenKearns_0188LaurenKearns_0188 This moment between Caroline and her Mom was so sweet! LaurenKearns_0201LaurenKearns_0201 LaurenKearns_0195LaurenKearns_0195 LaurenKearns_0234LaurenKearns_0234 The guests were waiting for their introduction into reception, and we're just like... LaurenKearns_0244LaurenKearns_0244 And the sun came out at the most inconvenient time...but Carolyn's bridesmaid doubled as an awesome assistant!  Thanks, Rachel! LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-33_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-33_LaurenKearns Weddings are full of romance, but there's nothing like "brotherly love!" LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-21_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-21_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-38_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-38_LaurenKearns These Groomsmen had LOTS of ideas for pictures, YES! LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-58_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-58_LaurenKearns Sneaking across the pond for some solitude.... LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-68_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-68_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-91_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-91_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-117_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-117_LaurenKearns Airplanes everywhere! I'm pretty sure that Kevin is a better pilot in real life! LaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-124_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_ArchitectsClub-124_LaurenKearns So many buttons and super patient sisters! LaurenKearns_0298LaurenKearns_0298 When you ask your nephews for a kiss, but don't specify where... LaurenKearns_0303LaurenKearns_0303 That moment they became husband and wife...and Joeanthony couldn't stop kissing Brittney. LaurenKearns_0327LaurenKearns_0327 LaurenKearns_0313LaurenKearns_0313 LaurenKearns_0339LaurenKearns_0339 LaurenKearns_0346LaurenKearns_0346 Anne's amazing shot of Brittney and Joeanthony walking back to their cocktail hour! LaurenKearns_0347LaurenKearns_0347 Seeing the details a little differently. LaurenKearns_0356LaurenKearns_0356 Best Men. LaurenKearns_0374LaurenKearns_0374 LaurenKearns_0435LaurenKearns_0435 Giggling all the way...literally! LaurenKearns_0436LaurenKearns_0436 LaurenKearns_0390LaurenKearns_0390 And keeping those close to your heart, even closer. LaurenKearns_0396LaurenKearns_0396 LaurenKearns_0411LaurenKearns_0411 Such a sweet moment of Anne-Marie with her Grandmother! LaurenKearns_0413LaurenKearns_0413 Can we talk about these palms?! Obsessed! LaurenKearns_0417LaurenKearns_0417 I feel like this is a moment this little girl will remember on her wedding day... LaurenKearns_0439LaurenKearns_0439 Nicole was so proud of these "puffs" and I agree they are gorgeous! LaurenKearns_0453LaurenKearns_0453 LaurenKearns_0461LaurenKearns_0461 One does not expect 80 degree weather on a Fall wedding day...but Craig! Ever chivalrous! LaurenKearns_0476LaurenKearns_0476 I love that Nicole got to watch her adorable flower girl... LaurenKearns_0495LaurenKearns_0495 ...who ran out of petals before she got halfway down the aisle and shouted "I'm out!" LaurenKearns_0494LaurenKearns_0494 LaurenKearns_0508LaurenKearns_0508 I feel professionally bound to silence, and will not repeat the toast. LaurenKearns_0516LaurenKearns_0516 LaurenKearns_0521LaurenKearns_0521 I'll never forget the little notes and sentiments hidden all over Danielle & Travis' Wedding! LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding001_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding001_LaurenKearns Or her love for Patron... LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding024_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding024_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding043_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding043_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding059_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding059_LaurenKearns Their expressions when their nephews succeeded in carrying their signs down and pulling the carpet up the aisle! LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding088_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding088_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding110_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding110_LaurenKearns LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding128_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding128_LaurenKearns I was just waiting...and there it is! LaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding143_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FlorhamParkWedding143_LaurenKearns Girls were primping...and guys were preparing... LaurenKearns_0534LaurenKearns_0534 Sneaking through Jessica's sister's room to make sure none of her guests caught her! LaurenKearns_0537LaurenKearns_0537 LaurenKearns_0540LaurenKearns_0540 And one more kiss before meeting at the alter! LaurenKearns_0545LaurenKearns_0545 LaurenKearns_0549LaurenKearns_0549 LaurenKearns_0555LaurenKearns_0555 Floating on Cloud 9... LaurenKearns_0569LaurenKearns_0569 Brenton could not take his eyes off from Jessica the entire day! LaurenKearns_0579LaurenKearns_0579 The time we tried getting the bridal party to organize their sparklers...and the groom tried to escape with his beautiful bride...I actually had to run after these two! LaurenKearns_0583LaurenKearns_0583 Courtney & Calvin's gorgeous custom invitations, modeled after Natirar! LaurenKearns_0588LaurenKearns_0588 LaurenKearns_0603LaurenKearns_0603 Oh Dad! I think this was my favorite first look! LaurenKearns_0604LaurenKearns_0604 ...followed by this, a pretty good runner up! LaurenKearns_0609LaurenKearns_0609 When choosing bridesmaids, make sure they will be there to encourage you throughout the day ;) LaurenKearns_0619LaurenKearns_0619 Because there is no reason to take your Wedding day too seriously! LaurenKearns_0620LaurenKearns_0620 LaurenKearns_0629LaurenKearns_0629 LaurenKearns_0640LaurenKearns_0640 LaurenKearns_0646LaurenKearns_0646 LaurenKearns_0668LaurenKearns_0668 LaurenKearns_0731LaurenKearns_0731 I love "getting ready" moments like this! LaurenKearns_0691LaurenKearns_0691 Or moments when you see your groom for the first time and cannot stop laughing! LaurenKearns_0703LaurenKearns_0703 LaurenKearns_0676LaurenKearns_0676 LaurenKearns_0721LaurenKearns_0721 April, Steve & Spencer becoming one big happy family! LaurenKearns_0729LaurenKearns_0729 Party time! LaurenKearns_0735LaurenKearns_0735 I loved this gift idea! LaurenKearns_0764LaurenKearns_0764 These girls! LaurenKearns_0755LaurenKearns_0755   Justin's Mom was always smiling at her son! LaurenKearns_0796LaurenKearns_0796 Taking her flower girl duties very seriously! LaurenKearns_0813LaurenKearns_0813 The quiet moment with Kristen and her Dad before she entered the church. LaurenKearns_0801LaurenKearns_0801 LaurenKearns_0806LaurenKearns_0806 LaurenKearns_0790LaurenKearns_0790 What better way to end the happiest day of your life? Kinda wish I had a BTS of Barb laying on the ground here... LaurenKearns_0857LaurenKearns_0857 Laura said "Wow, we look so happy!" What is in your heart... LaurenKearns_0877LaurenKearns_0877 LaurenKearns_0888LaurenKearns_0888 ...will show on your face...all the smiles! LaurenKearns_0893LaurenKearns_0893 LaurenKearns_0909LaurenKearns_0909 LaurenKearns_0914LaurenKearns_0914 ...and all the pork! LaurenKearns_0932LaurenKearns_0932 Sisterly love! LaurenKearns_0928LaurenKearns_0928 LaurenKearns_0929LaurenKearns_0929 Krista climbing for her dress... LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-3_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-3_LaurenKearns   Brian asked "did you get any pictures of me not crying?" LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-35_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-35_LaurenKearns Yes, we froze you to help you forget about how emotional you were feeling, Brian!  It lasted about 3 minutes...because it was 25 degrees in November! LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-41_LaurenKearns-1LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-41_LaurenKearns-1 LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-64_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-64_LaurenKearns But it was oh so toasty and so cozy inside... LaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-140_LaurenKearnsLaurenKearns_FiddlersElbow_Winterwedding-140_LaurenKearns

Congratulations to my 2017 Couples!

Brady & Aaron

Maya & Anthony

Samantha & Eric

Caroline & Alex

Carolyn & Kevin

Brittney & Joeanthony

Anne-Marie & Mike

Nicole & Craig

Danielle & Travis

Jessica & Brenton

Courtney & Calvin

April & Steve

Kristen & Justin

Laura & Marty

Krista & Brian



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