Laura & Marty Tied the Knot {Pleasantdale Chateau , West Orange}

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There were little children running all around the bridal suite, so happy to be spending an entire day out of school AND being with their cousins.  The only thing louder than the noise and excitement of little people was Laura's smile and enthusiasm!  Laura's step-daughter, Danielle, carefully applied Laura's makeup with the assistance of her 6 year old daughter (who was nominated eye shadow holder).  Laura's details were carefully laid out by Laura's assistant, Domonique, making my job of photographing details seamless!  The first thing I wanted to do was take Laura's dress to the cascading staircase right outside her suite, and once I got the shot, I spent some more time with her beautiful Oscar de la Renta slingbacks! "I splurged on the shoes!" Laura said to me right before she got dressed, but the way the details in her shoes looked peaking out from the front of her dress was so beautiful against the satin of her wedding dress, it was absolutely worth it!

Laura got dressed with the help of her sister in the same room, filled with nieces, grandchildren and Mom, but it was like she didn't even hear them.  She was looking over the courtyard where she would soon find Marty for their first look.

Alone, Marty waited, rather seriously, for his bride.  But when she appeared, his face lit up and the seriousness was gone for the remainder of their fairytale wedding.  The way the two of them laughed and smiled at each other, I don't even know if they heard or even remember us to talking to them!

The candles were lit for their ceremony at dusk, and it was getting dark quickly.  Before they knew it, Marty and Laura became "Husband and Wife" and we lost them to friends and family at cocktail hour.

The ballroom was filled with a warm light and illuminated with fall burgundies and oranges of fall in the form of cascading floral arrangements on each table.  One of my new favorite moments is when the bride and groom see their reception room for the first time.  It's such a joy to see all of their careful planning and attention to all the details come together in this beautiful room! And once they were introduced to their friends and family for the first time as "Mr. and Mrs," the room was filled with singing and dancing!  And by singing and dancing, I mean a little bit of both!  Hank Lane does such an amazing job, and jumps right into the swing of things on the dance floor making it all the more fun! 

We escaped for 5 minutes to visit the Pleasantdale Chateau's pool room, and as soon as we got back, Marty and his groomsman meant to get serious about this party, and the bow ties were gone!  This party was just getting started!  Congratulations, Laura & Marty!  We loved being part of your wedding!

Thanks to Barbara Wentzel for her amazing assistance!

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Photographers:  Lauren Kearns and Barbara Wentzel

Venue:  Pleasantdale Chateau, West Orange, NJ

Maitre d:  Santiago Sevilla

Bride's Coordinator: Domonique Ajai Henderson

Makeup: Danielle Cefoli

Hair: Pierina Gagliardo of Lucio's Salon 

Dress:  Ian Stuart

Shoes:  Oscar de la Renta

Wedding bands:  Edwins Jewelers

Invitations:  Invitations by Joann

Florist:  Debbie's Designs

Band:  Hank Lane Music

Videographer:  Carlos Zambrano from Bow Films




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