Jessica & Brenton's Wedding! {Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ}

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I think the number one thing I love about weddings is seeing what the best day of my couples' lives looks like.  For Brenton, the best day of his life was marrying Jessica for sure.  See that picture up there?  He looks at her like that all the time!  I've been married a pretty long time, and I have maybe gotten that look from my husband (who I love dearly) a handful of times!  When I first met Jessica and Brenton at their engagement session at Natirar Park, Brenton was smiling the entire time.  I asked him if he was into pictures, because he really seemed to be enjoying the process and could not stop smiling.  His response?  "I like her."  That wasn't even rehearsed!

The wedding day looked much the same with Brenton smiling every time he looked at Jessica.  From their 1st look, to their last intimate moments before walking down the aisle. I am getting ahead of myself here, though!  Before Jessica walked down the aisle, she was preceded by the cutest ring bearer in a wagon, being pulled by his sister, the flower girl.  Little Lucas was full of smiles and lasted the entire party!

The blue sky reflected inside the courtyard of the Olde Mill Inn as Jessica and Brenton said their vows and became Mr. and Mrs. Keyes.  We skipped out on cocktail hour for some of the gorgeous light filtering through the trees in the front of the Inn, and then headed into the Reception to capture the gorgeous details that Jessica chose for her tables.  All of the flowers were white, which complimented the black tie theme sported by the bridal party.

When the newlyweds entered their reception, the dance floor filled with dry ice, so they looked as if they were floating through their first dance!  Once the smoke cleared, the guests hit the floor for lots of dancing, led by Jessica's niece, who danced more than anyone the entire night!

Jessica and Brenton cut their cake (did you see the look again?) and we grabbed some of the guests to head outside for a sparkler exit.  While the groomsmen and bridesmaids got organized, I took the opportunity of getting some picture with Brenton and Jessica under the canopy of twinkling lights in the courtyard.  I asked Brenton if he would pick up Jessica, I knew he could easily do this and he had done it for their engagement pictures too!  He swept her off her feet and sauntered her up and down the path, making her laugh, and leaving me to chase after them!  We organized the sparklers and the happy couple ducked through the aisle of lights for our final pictures of the night.

We wish you every happiness (and jealousy!) in Napa, Jessica & Brenton!  Congratulations!  

A special thanks to Barbara Wentzel, who knows all the "inns" and outs of the Olde Mill Inn ;)

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Photographers: Lauren Kearns & Barbara Wentzel

Venue:  The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge

Makeup: Jenn Boyd

Hair: Lea Rushing

Wedding Dress:  Three Graces Bridal, Lebanon

Florist:  Flowers by Hannah

Videographer:  Branded Productions

DJ: Gold Standard Entertainment


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