Courtney & Calvin are Married! {Natirar Mansion, Peapack, NJ}

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I woke up Sunday morning with rainy skies, but a joyful spirit as I packed up my car for my 10 minute drive to Natirar for Courtney and Calvin's wedding.  Kelly and I met these two (well four, because we had some adorable puppy props!) in Liberty State Park, where we photographed their engagement session.  We had such a great time getting to know them, and learning about their wedding plans, and knew this was going to be a great celebration!  

By the time I arrived at Natirar, the rain had stopped, and we adjusted our 1st look route to stay on the path and avoid the wet grass, which perhaps worked a little better than our original plan!  Courtney had all of her details set aside for me, and I was on a hunt for the gilded cow hide that I fell in love with over the summer.  It's a perfect backdrop!  One of the details that she gave to me was a little box that Calvin used for Courtney's engagement ring when he proposed, which is the cutest thing!  She also had the invite designed with a sketch of the mansion, and the RSVP card drawn up to look like the large wrought iron gate outside the mansion wall. There was no mistaking that as a guest, you were at the right place!  

Before Courtney headed down to meet her groom in the park, she found her Dad in the foyer, and warned me that he was going to be really emotional.  Boy, was she right.  Carl is the sweetest Dad, and once we got Courtney down to the park to meet Calvin, he was reluctant to leave!  However, with 100% humidity, the car's AC was calling and the show went on.  Courtney called to Calvin, and he turned around and ran right up to her to give her a hug.  We spent some time on the path in the park before heading back up to meet the bridal party.  

There were so many different places we could take pictures because it was overcast!  I would normally photograph large groups in a shady spot mid-day, but because of our "softbox" sky, we were able to take the bridal party portraits out in the open, and the family portraits overlooking the park below.

A little early morning shower wasn't going to stop this outdoor wedding ceremony!  The layout was simply shifted to the patio to keep everyone comfortable on solid, dry ground, and looked just as beautiful in this arrangement!  Courtney's two cousins sang during their ceremony, and not long after, they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Luyando!

Courtney had made extra sure she didn't even get a glimpse of the reception until it was completely finished and she and Calvin could see it together.  So, about 10 minutes before the guests were escorted from cocktail hour, we brought them in to see the final product, with beautiful table arrangements created by Twisted Willow.  

Party time!  This is where we let loose and have some fun ourselves!  I have to admit, the reception flew by, and before we knew it, they were cutting their cake and running through sparklers!  Congratulations, Courtney & Calvin!  We are so honored you chose us to photograph your fabulous day!  Thanks, Barbara Wentzel and Kelly Joyce for all your hard work!

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Photographers: Lauren Kearns, Barbara Wentzel & Kelly Joyce

Venue: Natirar Mansion, Peapack, NJ

Florist: Twisted Willow

Hair/Makeup: Beauty on Location

Wedding dress: Pnina Tornai from Kleinfelds

Engagement Rings/Wedding bands: Neves Jewelers in Shrewsbury

Groom's Tux: Enzo Custom

Invitations: Made by the Matron of Honor, Danielle

Videographer: DP Weddings

DJ/Band: Excel Entertainment



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