April & Steve Tied the Knot! {Jack's Barn Wedding}

October 18, 2017  •  2 Comments


April and Steve (and let us "knot" forget Spencer!) got married on Friday, and I am so happy to have been there!  I met April years ago when she asked me to do a photo shoot, and to hear from her again, this time engaged, I was thrilled to say yes to her wedding date!  I met Steve and April over coffee, and to hear about every little detail that would go into making their Fall, rustic-themed wedding day.  April created the seating chart, the table spreads, and the flowers and decor throughout Jack's Barn, and it came together beautifully.

On the wedding day, she rushed into the reception hall with all of the centerpieces to start setting up, while I photographed her dress, shoes, watch, grandmother's ring, and locket. 

April and Steve's entire "bridal party" was made up of their son and nieces and nephews, and were surrounded by friends and family while they got dressed and ready for their first look. When April called Steve to turn around, she was on the verge of tears, and his face said "rock on!" and that set the mood for the rest of the day!

During the ceremony, April had prepared two sets of vows. One for her step-son Spencer, and one for Steve.  Steve's brother pronounced them one happy family and out to cocktails!

The room where the ceremony had taken place now became the reception hall, and April's decor came together beautifully!  The barn door was pulled open and led the happy family out to the dance floor, where Sick Star Nation completely rocked it!  I'm not kidding either, the lead singer could sing everything from Bryan Adams to Kesha...it was amazing, and part of me wanted to stay just to hear them...the other part of me reminded myself that I had to assist Barb at another wedding the next day.  So, we settled for a night picture right outside the dance floor before we said our farewell.  

Thanks for having us at your wedding, April & Steve! Thanks to Barbara Wentzel for amazing assistance!

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Photographers: Lauren Kearns & Barbara Wentzel

Venue:  The Loft at Jack's Barn, Oxford, NJ

Dress: Park Avenue Bridals, Verona, NJ

Custom Tux: Roma Tailors

Decor:  April Hendricks (the Bride)

Caterer: Frangello Catering

Band: Sick Star Nation



Aunt Naomi and Uncle Lester(non-registered)
The wedding looks so very lovely and touching !! You, Steve and Spencer make a gorgeous threesome. Our love to you as you embark on a wonderful new adventure
Ed Picciuti(non-registered)
What a memorable occasion, weddings are great.
The bride is beautiful Congratulations
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