Mercedes & Rin {Ninety Acres Wedding}

September 16, 2016  •  1 Comment

What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!  I met Mercedes and Rin in New Hope last summer while photographing their engagement session, and had such a blast!  Kelly Joyce and I were the 3rd and 4th wheel as the couple romantically strolled the canal and then grabbed some ice cream to cool off.  With as much chemistry as these two have with one another, it is easy to be a fly on the wall and get great pictures of them together. 

The same thing happened at their wedding too!  Barb (my 2nd shooter) and I met Mercedes at her hotel, and she even moved all of her bridesmaids to another room so that we had a perfectly empty and clean room to shoot her details!  How awesome is she?!  We arrived at Ninety Acres' Members Lounge for her to quick change into her amazing dress.  I took my time to get some pictures of her before we went out into the heat, where her groom (and Barb) were anxiously waiting.  I love that no matter how many times I photograph a wedding at Ninety Acres, I find some new location or different angle (take note of Barb's gorgeous shot through the purple and pink flowers)!  After the ceremony, Mercedes pulled off the bottom half of her Pronovias wedding dress...yes, you heard correctly, the bottom detached and made a completely new dress!  Before entering the Wine Cellar for their reception, we snuck behind the bar to get a super quick shot of the two sneaking off for a quiet moment!  The Wine Cellar was lit up and ready to go with floral arrangements by Laura Clare Design, and we made it back just in time for some toasts!  Mercedes and Rin ended the night with their flamingo wedding cake (I got the full backstory on the flamingos, but I'll keep the joke inside...)  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of your day, Mercedes and Rin!  And a huge thanks to Barbara Wentzel for your awesome shooting skills!

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Laurel Kappler(non-registered)
Thank you Lauren and staff for the wonderful pics you provided for my daughter's "happily ever after" and engagement photos! I would highly recommend Lauren Kearns photography to anyone seeking outstanding photos. Best of luck to you, it was wonderful having the opportunity to meet such a talented and down to earth, professional photographer! Mother of the beautiful bride, Laurel A. Kappler
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